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Ragging is Crime

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Ragging is Totally prohibited - Click here

Anti-Ragging – AP government has brought in Toll Free No 1800 4255314

Ragging within or outside any Educational institution is prohibited.

Ragging means doing an act which causes or is likely to cause in-sult or annoyance or tear or apprehension or threat or intimidation or outrage of modesty or injury to a student.

Punishment for Different Types of Ragging.

Nature of Ragging


Teasing, Embarrassing and humiliating

Imprisonment up to 6 months or Fine up to RS 1,000/-or both

Assaulting or using criminal force or Criminal intimidation

Imprisonment up to 1 year Rs 2,000/- or both

Wrongfully restraining

Imprisonment up to 2 years  of fine up to or confining or causing Hurt Rs.5,000 or both

Causing grievous hurt, or abducting or rape or committing unnatural offence

Imprisonment up to 5 years and fine up to Rs 10,000/-

Causing death or abetting suicide

Imprisonment up to 10years and Fine up to Rs 50,000/-


1. A student convicted of any of the above offences, will be expelled from the college

2. A student imprisoned for more than six months for any of the above offence will not be admitted in any other college.

3. A student against whom there is prima facie evidence of ragging any form will be suspended from the college immediately.

4. University level and college level anti ragging committees/mentoring cells constituted for this purpose will look into com.


Anti Ragging Squad for the academic year 2016-2017.

SI. No Name & Designation Address Phone Number
1 Prof. Noor Basha Abdul, Convener of the Squad Vice-Principal, University College of Arts, Commerce & Law, ANU 9490175786
2 Prof. K. Chandan, Member Vice-Principal, University College of Sciences, ANU 9848475011
3 Prof. P. Siddaiah, Member Principal, University College of Engineering & Technology, ANU 9490049565
4 Dr. P,P,S, Paul Kumar, Member Co-ordinator, Student Affairs, ANU (Dept of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, ANU) 9849376146
5 Dr. M. Jagadish Naik, Member Chief Warden, Men's Hostel, ANU 9948120530
6 Prof. L. Jaya Sree, Member Chief Warden, Women's Hostel, ANU 9849828587
7 Dr. Saraswati Raju lyer, Member Dept. of Sociology & Social Work, ANU 9848614067
8 Dr. B. Karuna, Member Dept. of English, ANU 9849167661

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