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Centralized Laboratory Instrumentation Facility


Universities shall be the centers of excellence in both teaching and research by which contribute to Nation development. Equipments and facilities of university should help the faculty, research scholars and students to carry out globally competitive research in basic and Applied Sciences. Centralized Laboratory Offering was launched in 2005 at Acharya Nagarjuna University with a mission to enrich the resources on a shared basis among stake holders of the university.

Objectives of CIF:

v  To strengthen technological infrastructure to carry out advanced research in various science disciplines under one roof and make their services available to other public and private departments.

v  To provide guidance in acquisition of data and train personnel in operation and maintenance of sophisticated instruments.

v  To enable research scholars to turn out innovative research projects by making them to get acquaintance with the operation of sophisticated equipments, regularly used by them.

The instruments available in CIF are given below:


Make: Shimadzu


RF-10A XL Fluorescence detector,

SPD-M10A VP Diode Airway Detector,

LC-10At VP Liquid Chromatograph

CTO-10As Column oven

Application: HPLC is used for separation of compounds such as amino acids, organic compounds on the basis of polarity and partition coefficient of mobile and stationary phase.


Make: Shimadzu

Model: GC-17A

Application: This instrument is used for analysis of volatile compounds on the basis of polarity and partition coefficient of mobile and stationary

phase. The assay can be both qualitative and quantitative.


Make:  Jasco

Model:  V-/550

Essential Specification:

Samples: liquid

Range: 200-1100 nm

Application: To study the absorption spectra of metal ions   embedded in solids, in order to obtain the information about the local symmetry including the ion sites and its valence state.  The spectra are also help full in estimating the optical band gap of the glass materials.


Make: GBC

Model: AAs 932 Plus

Sample details: Both solid and liquid form.

Application: The element analysis can be done both  qualitatively and quantitatively on the basis of absorption  and emission principle.


Make: Sorvall Discover

Model: M120 SE

Essential Specification:

RPM: 10,000 to 1,20,000 rpm

Temp. range: 4°C to 40° C

Application: It is used for separation of cell organ ekes, sample fractions and to determine the sedimentation coefficients and molecular

weight of compounds.

MAC hot air oven

Make: Macro scientific Works

Model: MSW-213.

Essential Specification:

Temp. range: 5°C to 300° C

Application: It ensures good mixing, strong dispersion and maintains higher temperature uniformity inside the chamber and is used

in various experiments of microbiology, cell cultivation of animals and plants and also in  various laboratories, industries and R & D labs etc.

How to utilize the Facility

                         Those who wish to use the facility may download the application form from the Acharya Nagarjuna University website ( and send filled-in form by post or e-mail to the Director.

The charges for analysis are also indicated in the website. You will be allotted date with time slot for performing analysis on your samples.


Contact Details:

The Director

Central Instrumentation Facility

Acharya Nagarjuna University

Nagarjuna Nagar-522510

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Ph. No.:  0863-2346347/ 0863-2346381




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