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08/08/2019 Examination Centers for Pharma D Regular Examinations Aug, 2019
08/08/2019 Examination Centers for B. Pharmacy Regular and Supply Examinations Aug/Sep -2019
31/07/2019 Time table for Pharma-D (Reg. & Supply.) Exams, August-2019
31/07/2019 Time table for Master of Pharmacy 1st and 2nd Semesters (regular and supplementary) Exams, August 2019
30/07/2019 Revised Timetable-B.Pharmacy I/IV 1st Semester (Supply) Examinations, April-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy I/IV - 2nd Semester (Regular & Supply) Examinations, August-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy I/IV - 1st & 2nd Semester Year End (Supply) Examinations, August-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy II/IV - 3rd Semester (Supply-75 Marks) Examinations, August-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy II/IV - 3rd Semester (Supply-70 Marks) Examinations, August-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy II/IV- 4th Semester (Regular-75 Marks) Examinations, August-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy II/IV - 4th Semester (Supply-70 Marks) Examinations April-2019
30/07/2019 Timetable-B.Pharmacy IV/IV - 8th Semester (Supply-70 Marks) Examinations, April-2019
26/07/2019 Pharm-D 2nd Year Exam Fee Notification, August-2019
26/07/2019 Revised B.Pharmacy Exam Fee Notification, August-2019
26/07/2019 Revised M.Pharmacy Exam Fee Notification, August-2019
26/07/2019 Intimation of LL.B One time opportunirty Examinations, July 2019
23/07/2019 Revaluation fee Schedule of 5th & 6th Semesters U.G.Courses June/July, 2019
16/07/2019 M.Pharmacy OLD Regulations - 2nd Semester (Suppl)Examinations Timetable, July/August-2019
16/07/2019 M.Pharmacy - New Regulations - 2nd Semester (Regular) Examinations Timetable, July/August-2019
09/07/2019 Exam centers list for Pharma.D 1st year (Regular), July-2019
08/07/2019 Time table for B.Arch Regular and suppl. July-2019
08/07/2019 Exam Fee notification for M.Pharmacy II, III and IV semesters Regular and suppl. August-2019
01/07/2019 I/VI Year Pharma-D Examinations Time Table, July/August-2019
29/06/2019 Exam fees notification for LL.B. One-Time Opportunity -2019
29/06/2019 Time table for LL.B. One-Time Opportunity Examinations, July/Auguest 2019
29/06/2019 Syllabus for LL.B. One-Time Opportunity Examinations, July/Auguest 2019
22/06/2019 Revised M.Tech 2nd Semester Regular Examinations Timetable, July-2019
21/06/2019 Examination fee for Pharma-D Regular Examination, July 19
20/06/2019 Examination centers of Guntur and Prakasam for conduct of B.Ed. 2nd semester regular and supplementary Exams held on 25/06/2019
18/06/2019 M.Tech. 2nd Semester Regular Examinations, July-2019
14/06/2019 Revised notification LLM 2nd Semester Examinations July-2019
14/06/2019 LLB 3rd year & 5th Year Time Table July-2019
14/06/2019 LLM 2nd Semester Examinations July-2019
10/06/2019 Advanced Degree Supplmentry Examinations Centres List June-2019
10/06/2019 Timetable 5th Semester Degree(Supply) Examinations, June-2019
10/06/2019 Timetable 6th Semester Degree(Supply) Examinations, June-2019
07/06/2019 Timetable-M.Pharmacy 2nd Semester (Supply) Exams, June-2019
31/05/2019 M.Pharmacy 2nd Semester Supplementary Examinations Notification, June-2019
31/05/2019 LLB 2nd & 6th Semesters and LLM 2nd Semester Examination Notification, July-2019
31/05/2019 LLB & LLM Centres List, July-2019
31/05/2019 B.Arch V Year (OR & NR) Examination Notification, July, 2019
31/05/2019 B.Arch. I/V, II/V & III/V (1st Semester Supply & 2nd Semester Reg. & Supply) Examination Notification, July, 2019
31/05/2019 M.Tech 4th Semester Examination Notification, 2019
31/05/2019 M.Tech 2nd Semester Examination Notification, 2019
27/05/2019 B.Ed. 2nd Semester Exams Timetable, June-2019
21/05/2019 Instant fee schedule May, 2019 5th & 6th semesters of U.G. Courses
21/05/2019 Supplementary fee schedule June, 2019 5th & 6th semesters of U.G. Courses
21/05/2019 B.Tech I/IV, II/IV, III/IV & IV/IV 1st Semester Examination Timetable, June-2019
11/05/2019 B.Ed., II Semester Exams Notification (Regular and Supply) June 2019
06/05/2019 Revaluation Fee Schedule of 2,4,6, Semesters and One time opportunity/ Year end examinations of March 2019
16/04/2019 Examination centers of Guntur andf Prakasam B.Ed 4th sem Supplimentary Examinations
09/04/2019 Centers List-LL.B. 4th, 6th, 8th & 10th Semester Examinations, April-2019
08/04/2019 URL Link - 2nd & 4th Semester Examinations - Enter Marks (Internals, Practicals, MOOCs), April-2019
03/04/2019 All PG Courses-Online Submission of Internal & Practical Marks through URL
02/04/2019 Revised Time table for M.Sc. Food & Nutrition 2nd & 4th Semester Regular Examinations, April-2019
01/04/2019 All PG Courses 2nd & 4th Semester Examinations Centers List, April / May-2019
30/03/2019 Revised Timetable - M.Sc. Yoga (1 Year) & M.Sc. Yoga (II Year & Lateral Entry) Examinations, May-2019
30/03/2019 Revised Timetable for M.A. History & Archaeology and Ancient History & Archaeology Regular Examinations, April-2019
30/03/2019 MCA 6th Semester fee Notification-2019
30/03/2019 Pharm.D III/VI, IV/VI & V/VI YEAR Regular April / May - 2019 Examinations Centers List
30/03/2019 B.Tech. All Semesters Examinations Time Table, April & June, 2019
29/03/2019 B.Pharmacy 6th, 8th Regular & 5th, 7th Semesters Supplementary Examinations, April/May-2019 Centers List
28/03/2019 Time Table - 2nd & 4th Semester Examinations of D.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., & M.P.Ed., Courses April-2019
28/03/2019 Revised Examination Date of U.G. Course for COP(Career Oriented Program) exams held on APril, 2019
28/03/2019 Time Table - PG Diploma in Yoga, M.Sc. Yoga (II Year) & M.Sc. Yoga (1 Year) Courses May-2019
27/03/2019 Time Table B.Arch. IV/V 1st Semester (Reg. & Sup.) & 2nd Semester (Sup.) April-19
25/03/2019 Timetable-M.Sc. Nano biotechnology 2nd Semester (Regular) Examinations, April-2019
25/03/2019 Timetable - PG Diploma & Certificate Course in Aquaculture Management Examinations, April-2019
25/03/2019 Revised Timetable 2nd & 4th Semester Examinations, April-2019
25/03/2019 Timetable - LL.B. 4th, 8th, 6th & 10th Semester Examinations, April-2019
23/03/2019 U.G. Examinations held on 26.03.2019 & 27.03.2019 at AC College, Guntur to be shifted to Hindu College, Guntur. Due to MLC Elections Counting in AC College, Guntur
21/03/2019 PG, MCA, MBA Courses 2 & 4 th Semester Examinations Timetable, April-2019
21/03/2019 B.Ed. 4th Semester (Regular) Examinations, April-2019
21/03/2019 LL.M 4th Semester Examination Notification-2019
20/03/2019 B.Tech Notification-2019
20/03/2019 April Exams Reschedule - 2019 Circular
20/03/2019 B.Pharmacy Time-Tables 2019
20/03/2019 Pharm-D Time-Tables 2019
15/03/2019 U.G. exam postponed from 22.03.2019 to 29.03.2019 due to MLC Elections
12/03/2019 U.G. Courses Fee Schedule of COP(Career Oriented Program) Course examinations held on April/2019
05/03/2019 Revised Pharma-D III/VI, IV/VI. V/VI & VI/VI Year End Supplementary Examination Fee Notification April/May-2019
05/03/2019 Revised B.Pharmacy 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Examination Fee Notification April-2019
03/02/2019 B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., D.P.Ed., 2nd & 4th Semesters & Year End Exams of M.Sc.Yoga & PG Diploma in Yoga Fee Notification-2019.
03/02/2019 Revised B.Ed. 4th Semester Practical Schedule March-2019.
28/02/2019 B.Pharmacy IV/IV 8th Semester Regular, IV/IV 7th Semester Supply, III/IV 6th Semester Regular and III/IV 5th Semester Supply Examinations April - 2019.
28/02/2019 Pharm-D III/VI, IV/VI, V/VI and VI/VI Course Year End Supplymentary Examinations April/May -2019
26/02/2019 B.Architecture 4th Year-1st Semester (Reg. & Suppl) & 4th Year-2nd Semester (Suppl) Examination Fee Notification-2019.

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