Acharya Nagarjuna University

Internet facility

  • In 2010 initiated NKN(NMIECT) project and implemented 1GBPS internet connection to the campus with the support ofBSNL.
  • Total project cost was around two crores which was given for one time cost of 48 lakhs by BSNL on subsidy.
  • As a part of the project new LAN was laid down for 7.5 km in campus at a cost of 12 lakhs by BSNL which costs about 72 lakhs on subsidy.
  • Total 400 computers were given connection at that time in campus.
  • At present 600 LAN connections and more than 2000 dynamic connections are there in campus spread over 62 buildings.
  • These buildings are connected by 8 independent lines from server.
  • To prevent unauthorized users firewall is there provided by BSNL.
  • From 2014 wifi came into campus. Until today 24 buildings were under wifi, still 40 must be done wifi.
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